Ili'ogāra Ihanaonaokuahiwi'eliōgui

From Ardrana

Ili'ogāra Ihanaonaokuahiwi'eliōgui -- more often called Illiger for the sake of convenience -- is an Armadillo Hengeyokai fighter-invoker from the Vykhar Mountains. She is a respected member of her clan, and often joins them in tormenting the local tribe of yetis. She has four children, two sons and two daughters. One of her daughters was petrified by a basilisk.

Illiger recently left her homeland and has been traveling on various ships around the Varrag Peninsula, and eventually found herself in the village of Queral. There, she met Dalva and her comrades and decided to join them on their mission bound for Cardyl as a translator. When the group sent Maeish out to find the pirates they sought, Illiger accompanied them, but when Maeish died she was picked up by the pirates and brought to the Island of the Skull, where she was impressed into their crew. Within a few days, however, she was put off the ship in Cardimer, soon to rejoin her former associates. She continued with them to Agropthos, where she ran afoul of a cult dedicated to Hades, one of whose members killed her with an enchanted crossbow bolt.

Illiger is a PC played by Penelope Romero.