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The city of Cardimer is located on the shore of Shark's Fin Bay, about midway between Mentoncha and Agropthos. It is mainly known as a trading city, and is sometimes called the "Gateway to the Seven Deserts", as the desert region of Cardyl is generally considered to begin just north of this city. This is, of course, disputed by Agropthos, which is also called that by others.

Disputed status

Cardimer is part of the Caliphate of Upanistan, and is thus under the rulership of Caliph Kapoc, who lives in that city, which lies to the northwest. This, too, is disputed, as Sultan Bedou dan Yuwar, the Caliph of Cardyl, considers the city to be under his rule. The city's own leader, Emir Rocan, has done his best to stay neutral in this dispute, which has resulted in his mostly being left alone to run the city.

Nearly twenty-five years ago, Rocan's father, Faindi, sought to solidify their connection to Upanistan by arranging a marriage between his daughter, Nayala, and Amar al'Hassan kaf'Daro, the eldest son of then-Sheik Hassan of Daro. However, the marriage was short-lived, as Nayala was executed for adultery just a few years later. Rocan has vowed not to repeat that mistake.