Imorian Business Center

From Ardrana

The Imorian Business Center is the organization across the hall from the Bank of Imor in the Imorian Commerce Center. A similar sign as the bank's (except for the blue flame substitution) appears above the entrance.

Outside and to the left of the double-door entrance of this establishment is a black board with multiple columns printed in yellow on it. Only a very few understand the significance of the figures listed after the different items on the board. The items themselves are familiar enough, however -- livestock, beans, corn, etc. It is common to see several businessmen standing around this board bantering about prices of things and taking notes.

Inside the Business Center about fifteen feet from the entrance is a counter where information can be obtained about business permits and other elements of Imor's commercial aspects. There are always at least two individuals manning this area throughout the day.

To the left of the entrance just inside the main area is a light-colored wooden door with a stained glass image of Hermes' white winged sandals. A guard is posted outside this door at all times. There is a second similar looking door to the right side of the area.

The entire area is lit by a chandelier located in the center of the room, above the counter area.