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Li-Jorus is a Gnomish thief from a small village on the northern edge of Sambarria, near the border with the Inner Kingdom. His youth was fairly normal, but shortly after his coming of age he went to the city of Santiniro. There, he was to be apprenticed to his uncle Pai-Jorus, who ran an alehouse. Unfortunately, he was an abject failure at being a servant, as he tended to be a layabout and not get any work done. After two years, Pai-Jorus threw him out, swearing to make his name mud within the family.

Li then knew that he couldn't return home, and he started living by his rather-considerable wits on the streets of the city. Wanting to avoid being conscripted into The Colonel's army, he moved around the city frequently, and stole what he needed to live. Eventually, he drew the attention of the local Thieves' Guild. There, he finally found himself accepted, not least because of his charming nature. He learned the ways of the guild quickly, and especially became expert at talking his way out of tight situations. One day, however, he got too cocky, and got himself caught forging documents. He was offered the option of either a year in jail or joining the army. He chose to join the army, with a plan in mind: desert and run away as soon as possible. His stint in the army lasted only four days.

Li made his way overland to the city of Intrellia, where he signed up for the first adventure that would get him as far away as possible. He arrived in the city of Imor, where he found himself attached, once again, to a military group. After his first mission for them, he began to develop a relationship to Clifford Bentley, a member of a local gang known as the Black Scorpions. He has recently found his allegiance split between his adventuring companions and the Scorpions, which he continues to sort out.

Li-Jorus is a PC played by John Proulx.