Mages' Guild of Gascar

From Ardrana

The Mages' Guild of Gascar is located in the western part of the city. Its front gate is located on the east side of Center Street, about a quarter-mile south of Mellon's Road, and its grounds stretch for several acres to the east. The main building also serves as the residence of the Cragganmore family, the matriarch of which, Karan Cragganmore, is the current guildmistress.

Since Lady Cragganmore was installed as the new head of the guild six years ago, it has taken a much firmer grasp of magical dealings in the city. Its previous head, Khay Gativa, took a looser stance on the use and exchange of magic and, as a result, those with darker purposes started making their presences felt in the area. The guild offers many of the same services it always has, but they are more tightly controlled and it seems to have, for the moment, quelled any further incidence of evil magecraft.

Fees and services

Membership is open to all for a price of 10 GP per month, or 100 GP for a full year. The services provided by the guild include:

  • Library access: free for guild members, or 1 GP per day for non-guild members
  • Magical item identification and certification: there is a 1 GP fee for the certification and, if the item isn't identified by a guild member, the holder of the item must have the appropriate documentation to receive the certificate.
  • Copying of spell scrolls purchased from the guild's library: A scroll costs 10 GP per spell level to copy and sealed rooms are available on premises for transcribing them or for casting spells. A room costs 1 GP per hour to guild members.
  • Spell-scribing supplies: quills, vellum, ink and other related supplies can be purchased a discounted prices to guild members
  • Monthly magical item and spell exchange events (subject to guild members' interest)
  • Spellcasting services: these are offered at a 25% discount for guild members