Khay Gativa

From Ardrana

Khay Gativa is a Human merchant, noblewoman and invoker originally from the city of Gascar. In her youth, she joined the adventuring group led by Ral Brahalst when her family financed the mission to rescued Jayar Telva, the Duke of Gascar and Khay's cousin. She was the only member of the party to actually hail from Gascar, and ironically became the only one to permanently leave the city after the mission. She remained with the group for several years, becoming close friends with her fellow mage Aria, before marrying Akhal Gativa, a minor noble from the city of Rogariel, and retiring from the adventuring life. She served for a time as guildmistress of the Mages' Guild of Gascar, although she preferred to travel, a fact which vexed her assistant and eventual replacement, Karan Cragganmore.

Today, Khay runs an import-export business out of Rogariel, traveling around Ardrana searching for rare goods and magical trinkets to bring back to the city and sell, while similarly bringing goods from the Seven Deserts along to trade. A recent voyage brought her to Jiberia, after which she returned to her home city for a brief respite.