Meriel Laelitha RowanStaff

From Ardrana

Meriel is an Elven wizard from the Filitir Forest. She is the daughter of Deinasharavei Lailitha, a High Elven ambassador from Shael i'Vor, and Ysuul'argweddyn RowanStaff, a Wood Elven druid from the Filitir. She had a pet cat named Swiftfoot, which died not long ago at the claws of a giant bat.

Meriel was bound for Nazivonema, where she was delivering a message to Morithelwen, a cousin of her mother's, and also to study at Tarkus Academy, when she encountered Fleur and Fauna on the road. They convinced her to join their adventuring group rather than travel alone. However, after Swiftfoot's death, she returned to her studies.

Meriel is a PC played by Kim Friedman.