Morithelwen Laelitha

From Ardrana

Morithelwen Laelitha is a High Elven diviner from Shael i'Vor. She is currently studying at Tarkus Academy in Nazivonema, where she is at intermediate level. Her original mentor, a fellow High Elf named HazelSpark, went on sabbatical to join the fight for Lassomaranza against the Maluur, leaving her in the care of Professor Breyfogle, a situation with which she is none too happy.

Mori's mother is Eleshera Laelitha, a junior member of the Elven Council of Shael i'Vor, whose sister, Deina, is the mother of Meriel Laelitha RowanStaff. The cousins were recently reunited in Nazivonema, when Meriel delivered a message regarding the death of one of her father's kin.