Filitir Forest

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The Filitir Forest -- usually referred to simply as "The Filitir" -- is the largest forest of the SouthLands, covering a large area from Mentoncha to the east, to the Hanaelon River to the west, and from the East-West Road to the north to its southern edge about fifty miles north of Shethkor, bordering the lands of Barthos.

People of the Filitir

The Elves of this region are, for the most part, Wood Elves, and are closer to humans than the Elves of Shael i'Vor. However, they still keep the tradition of the Elves in building their main city high among the trees of the Filitir.

It is home to a large Elven community, as well as a wide variety of other creatures. The forest is considered to be under the rulership of Rondor, the king of the Elves, who also holds the title of Duke of the Filitir. As part of the White Alliance, the forest is represented on the White Council by Telentar, nephew of King Rondor.


During the Wars of Arin, Filitir came under attack twice by the forces of the Onyx Empire. In the first, Morjec attempted to use a shield, similar to a gigantic wall of force, to surround the forest and cut them off from their allies in the White Alliance. This was foiled when the devices that held the field together were destroyed. The second attack was devised as part of a coordinated attack on several areas in the SouthLands. At that time, the forest nearly fell, but was saved by the timely arrival of forces from Kimelis under the command of Roderick Harper. Ever since, the Elves of the region have been stout allies of the Alliance.