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Mirk is a Human fighter originally from the city of Rogariel. He is known throughout the Seven Deserts for his ability to captain ships that sail both the sea and the air.

As a young man, Mirk traveled the seas around the Varrag Peninsula, eventually rising to be captain of one of that city's great warships. However, he learned that battle was not to his liking, and that he preferred the thrill of the hunt. After leaving the navy, he was hired as captain of the flagship of the fleet of ships belonging to Mukhandar, the leading merchant dealing in whale-based products in the region. He held that position for ten years, and during that time made so much gold for Mukhandar that he was rewarded with a very special ship: the Kabirdeh el-Was, a ship which was enchanted to fly through the skies over the desert.

Freed from the pursuit of sea creatures alone, Mirk began hunting the mighty creatures of the sand as well. He took down hatori, purple worms, and even occasionally hunted bands of thri-kreen, but none of these were satisfying. Eventually, he encountered the creature that proved to be his match: an ancient bulette known simply as The Beast. His pursuit of The Beast became his overriding quest, consuming his every waking moment until, with the aid of Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, and their companions, he was able to capture it. However, after bringing it back to Agrabah, he realized that the real prize was to capture it single-handedly, and he set The Beast free to again roam the desert.

Unfortunately, Mirk's life-long ambition was seized from him when The Beast was slain by a band of broken ones led by a powerful wizard. Mirk took his revenge by slaying the wizard, then took command of the broken ones for a time in order to help them gain self-sufficiency. After another two years, however, he yearned to feel the deck of a ship under his feet once more. This led him to Agropthos, where he entered the employ of Sheik Nata'Zu, who had the flying vessel Mutaradat al'Barq built specifically for Mirk.

Note: Mirk originally appeared in the Aladdin TV show. All references are meant only as context for the fictional gaming world of Ardrana.