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Perasin is the Ardic god of war. He is often referred to by the appellation "Lord of Battle". As the god of war, he often comes into conflict with other gods of the pantheon, especially Raskill, but he never holds grudges against them (though the opposite is not always true).

Perasin's holy symbol is whatever weapon is favored by the worshipper, for it does not matter to him what you use to fight, so long as you fight well. He has no favored colors as such things matter not in battle. His priests have been known to incorporate the grays and browns most commonly found in weapons, however, along with splashes of red to account for the blood shed in war.

The location of Perasin's preeminent temple is not constant, but shifts periodically. Where it is at any particular time is dependent upon where the greatest amount of combat is occurring at that time. At the moment, it is located in the city of Warroad, in the heart of the empire led by The Colonel.

Perasin's priests do not use holy water. Instead, at least at some temples, his priests create Battle Snacks, small bits of meat, fruit and cheese that can increase a person's abilities in battle.