Battle Snacks

From Ardrana

Battle Snacks are small, enchanted pieces of dried meats, fruits and cheeses in small pouches. They are only bestowed by priests at Perasin's temple in Nazivonema, and their benefits remain a closely guarded secret.

The idea for these morsels came from Molbo's home of Odiferous, where non-magical snacks are sold during events at the Ring of Brute Force. Molbo received an epiphany from Perasin to use these non-magical snacks to encourage continued improvement in fighting prowess and thus granted his priests the ability to bestow minor enchantments upon the morsels.

In order to earn a snack, a competitor must defeat five different opponents in single combat at the temple's training facilities. One does not know the nature of the enchantment until the Battle Snack is consumed and only one may be in effect at a time. In fact, it is rumored that if you have offended Perasin or one of his priests in some way, the Snack may wind up being a curse rather than a blessing.