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Rasara is a Lastini clothing merchant from the city of Mentoncha. She is co-owner of Ropasaria, a shop in the city's marketplace, with her overbearing elder sister Alfiura. She has a daughter, Medina, who came as a result of a failed relationship with a roguish Human from Rogariel named Az'arel. She tried to encourage him to stay with her in Mentoncha and make a stable life for their child, but he refused and took her daughter with him. She hasn't heard from either in years and only catches rumors and gossip of her daughter's business dealings on the sea. Rasara's family did not take kindly to the daughter's leaving, and she has had a difficult time with the pressure they put on her to go and bring her back. However, Rasara doesn't want to open old wounds preferring to let the past be.