Rod of Zathmore

From Ardrana

The Rod of Zathmore is a powerful magic item. The rod itself is the color of bone, with a large onyx stone as its head and an iron-shod heel. Its primary power is over the minds of people, and can be used either to improve their morale, or to bend them to the wielder's will.

Zathmore was a powerful necromancer who ruled the land of Garnath as vassal of Keraptis during the Wars of Arin. He crafted the rod as a symbol of his rulership, and it is still held as such by the people of that land, which is now part of Tanilon. When Zathmore broke away from Keraptis, he used the Rod to rally his armies against the Onyx Empire, but even its power could not overcome the overwhelming odds against Garnath, and the country was swept away.

After his defeat, Zathmore's body was never found. Some believe he fled Garnath with the Rod, but most scholars believe that his body was taken by minions of Keraptis and hidden away to prevent him from rising from the grave. Several years ago, a structure that some believe to be Zathmore's final resting place was discovered by Omni al'Nimbus Divinitus in the Swamp of Undeath. However, two subsequent expeditions have failed to locate the tomb. Nonetheless, speculation over it has continued, and there are many who would pay a fortune for its recovery.