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Tanilon is a region that straddles the MidLands and the NorthLands, as parts of it lie both north and south of the Onyl Mountains. It is bordered on the east by the Camlekian Waste, on the north by Fasellan, on the west by Onyllan, the northern reaches of Shael i'Vor, and on the south by Alior and Arin.

In the days before the Wars of Arin, it was a united kingdom, but it was defeated by the armies of Keraptis and broken up into a number of smaller states. At that time, the capital of Tanilon was Veclinnius, named after the country's founder, the noted explorer Veclin. That city is still the most populous in the country, but is now just the central city of the petty kingdom that bears its name.

There is a fledgling movement -- known as the Copper Coalition and led by Wyman Palomedes, Baron of Shadius -- that for the past several years has pushed to reunite Tanilon into a single country once more. Wyman has claimed to be a direct descendant of Veclin, but this is highly disputed. Some of the various barons and marquises of the area have shown sympathy for this cause, but others remain fiercely independent.