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Sarlon is a half-Elven invoker. He also is adept in the profession of alchemy. When not on an adventure, he plies his trade at his shop, My-T-Powerful Chemicals, in the town of Skipchet (which he not-so-fondly calls "Snipshit"). He has in his employ an assistant named Milo as well as a man named Clint who does odd jobs and runs errands. His home is located above the shop.

He leaves Milo in charge when he goes out to find rare herbs and chemicals. These quests often take him far away so Sarlon often joins groups in their adventures and puts his invoker talents to good use. When he does, he often hires his own bodyguard and healer, as he is hesitant to trust his fellow adventurers to perform such important tasks. It is his hope that he can one day build his alchemy trade to a point where he can drop adventuring altogether.

Most recently, Sarlon was part of a caravan that was guarded by Mace Nighthammer and his companions on the way to Hanmer to answer a summons to a mission by Mace's employers. After that mission fell apart, he rejoined the party upon their return to Hanmer and agreed to accompany them on their current adventure to Jar-Kahn, but disappeared after being struck with a fireball while in the dungeon beneath the Tower of Necromancy.

Sarlon is a PC played by Shelley Proulx.