Mace Nighthammer

From Ardrana

Mace Nighthammer is a human mage from Hanmer, specializing in combat spellcasting. He belongs to the Facilitators' Guild of Hanmer, for whom he undertakes various missions. For most of his tenure, he worked alone, but more recently he has joined an adventuring party. He is close friends with the Elven sisters NightShade and Gabriella, and has developed friendships with fellow adventurers Molbo and SpringRite. Mace has become known for underestimating the power of his magic, especially fireballs -- some of which have inadvertently killed companions as well as enemies.

Recently, Mace and several companions were waylaid shortly after their arrival in Jar-Kahn to investigate the contents of a box which they had been charged with destroying. They were rescued, and now Mace is determined to find Antos, the member of his guild that betrayed him.

Mace is a PC played by Vinny Beckles.