From Ardrana

Sedric, The Traveler, is the Ardic god of the heavens and of travelers. He is brother to Bassik, as land is brother to sea. He is sometimes called the Watcher Above, and is pictured roaming the heavens as his servants roam Ardrana. On his journeys, he is accompanied by his friend and companion, the Ceiling Cat, who is considered the patron of all feline creatures. He is also sometimes associated with the Outlanders. His priests wear holy symbols depicting a compass rose, and his colors are those of the traveler, green and grey.

The preeminent temple to Sedric on Ardrana, known as The Great Waystation, is in the city of Nazivonema, which was chosen due to its dedication to viewing all travelers equally. However, no priest of Sedric truly has a home temple, as they are all committed to wandering the world periodically, and finding a new home at the end of the journey.

Priests of Sedric fall into two categories, Travelers and Guardians. Travelers see themselves as wanderers, roaming the world to discover its wonders and blessing those who offer hospitality. Guardians, on the other hand, see themselves as aiding in the protection of travelers. These priests often seek to join adventuring parties so that they might be their guardians.