The Great Waystation

From Ardrana

The Great Waystation is the preeminent temple of Sedric, the Ardic god of travelers and the heavens. It is located in Nazivonema, chosen as its site because the city welcomes people of all races. The current High Priest is a Human named Larren, who succeeded High Priest Laremand just a few months ago.

The Great Waystation's primary function is to provide services to travelers that visit the city. Nazivonema's location on the northern branch of the East-West Road ensures that travelers from Agropthos to Vesqui and all points in between pass through its borders. Many take their rest at this place, especially those who cannot afford the inns of the city, and many more come here for healing, both great and small.

To accommodate the volume of travelers that pass through its doors, the temple is the largest structure in the city. While it is somewhat nondescript from the outside, and its size is hidden by the well-maintained landscaping that faces the road, once one is inside the Great Waystation one finds a veritable warren of passages and small rooms that allow for the privacy of visitors.

Due to the temple's importance, the High Priest of the temple is considered the spokesperson of the Allied Temples. Although, due to Larren's recent ascension, the other High Priests question his right to the title, he is still accepted as such by the general populace and, more importantly, by the Council of Merchants.