The Outlanders

From Ardrana

The Outlanders, sometimes known as "The Wanderers", were a legendary group of adventurers, said to have existed long, long ago, even before the beginning of the Third Civilization -- perhaps even in the days of Pretic itself. Tales of their exploits are common throughout Ardrana, but especially in Errl, a region in the southern part of Ardann i'Parastha, which is said to have been their homeland.

The Outlanders were Shoto, the group's leader; Syng, his lieutenant; Palya, Shoto's love who is often said to have been Lastini; Daan, a Dwarven engineer, Kheo, a Karis warrior, and Kwak, a devotee of Fergyn who could move like the wind. Their arch-foe was Rinjok, a mighty evil mage. One day, the two sides met on the field of battle for what was to be a decisive conflict, but instead they all disappeared. Legend says that they were transported by Morelen himself into the heavens, becoming the planets.

They are considered demigods, and the patrons of adventurers. There is some dispute over which of Ardrana's gods they serve. Some say Sedric, god of travelers and the heavens, is their superior, while others say it is Helandra, mistress of the night, or Morelen himself. Others say they work entirely on their own, or even associate them with the LifeSpirit, as a sign that mortals may attain a higher calling. Whatever their nature, they are the subject of many a bardic tale told in inns around the world.