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Senepoli was a city in southeastern Lanad i'Sarois, located just south of the current city of Gascar. It was founded in the early third century LC by Mathius and DeLuca Senegal, who had been victims of a coup d'etat in Napoli, then the capital city in the region of Latium. The two took their remaining supporters and sailed across the Golden Ocean to make a new home for themselves. They settled on an uninhabited area on the eastern coast of the Lanad.

For over a century, it appeared that they’d have a strong foothold in this new land, but then conflict began to rise between the religions of Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune’s faithful believed that a great cataclysm was to occur as the ocean was becoming unsettled, and they started to spread the word through the city. Tensions mounted and another coup was imminent. The cataclysm did arrive in the mid-fourth century in the form of a massive tidal wave, devastating the populace along with most of the city. The survivors buried the current rulers, Martisha and DeLancy Senegal before relocating further south.

Since its destruction, the ruined city has been overgrown by what is now the Red Forest. In the interim, it has become inhabited by all sorts of nasty creatures, including goblins and other humanoids. Recently, Yensid has come to an agreement with the city authorities to have the ruins cleared out and demolished to make way for the Carrolwood Entertainment District.