Solidus Proudfoot

From Ardrana

Solidus Proudfoot is a Halfling priest of Varice originally from the village of Budgeford. He spent the first thirty years of his life there peacefully, until the fire disaster struck. The quiet in his village was ruptured when Solidus' mother, Drachria, almost set the village ablaze while mixing a batch of Greek fire. The village matriarch blamed her and her husband, Aureus, and Solidus suffered by association.

Shortly thereafter, Solidus left the village in search of fortune and fame and to spread the many rules of his god including the knowledge of Fire building and creating the hearth which is the heart of any Halfling burrow. He traveled with caravans across Lanad i'Sarois, providing his services to them, until he came to Aleton. There he joined Arteck Broadland's venture, which brought him to Daro.

During a recent journey, he behaved too chaotically for Varice, and he was told to go to his temple in Agropthos to atone. After performing the necessary rituals, he continued working with the adventuring party involved, which led him to the village of Promise Junction. There, along with Chalcedony, he is working on building a new shrine, which will be dedicated to his deity along with Heironeous.

Solidus is a PC played by Phil Vlasak.