From Ardrana

The city of Daro is located in the southwestern Cardillic Desert, in the region of Cardyl. Part of the caliphate of Upanistan, it is ruled by Amar al'Hassan kaf'Daro, who serves as Caliph Kapoc's primary advisor on matters of trade. Being a serviceable port on the outskirts of Cardyl, it has something of a reputation as a trading hub for the area, but also as a gathering place for unsavory characters.

The city's primary landmark is the palace of the Emir, which is a colorful, pyramid-shaped building on a hill in the western part of the city. Just beyond the port proper is a large area set aside for the bazaar, which empties at night to leave an open courtyard. Beyond that is the labyrinthine marketplace, which is nearly impossible to navigate by outsiders without a guide -- of which there are many offering their services along its eastern edge. To the north lies a large collection of tents that serves as a place for land-based caravans to gather, trade, and perform other necessary tasks.