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This article is about the hedge witch. For Baron Beauregard's late wife, see Tamra.

Tammra is a Human witch from the town of Ashhollow. She spent her early years working as a fortune-teller, selling charms and herbal remedies to the local townsfolk. She then decided to sell her business, cart and all, and make her way out into the world. To avoid persecution, she has chosen to hide her profession, calling herself a "wise woman" or simply a mage.

Tammra is accompanied by a magical dog named Shadow that she can summon at will. After traveling for a time, she heard of an adventuring party being formed in Gascar, and came to join Tycho Chervil and his crew shortly thereafter. Once that adventure went sideways, she made her way north, returning to her work as a fortune-teller and seller of charms. Eventually, she made her way to Promise Junction, where she seems to have additional interests.

Tammra is a PC played by Lou McLeary.