Tara Goldmoon

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Tara Goldmoon is a Human druid dedicated to Gaiya. Early in her career, she was taken under the wing of GreenLeaf, the druid who oversees all of Shael i'Vor, and he guided Tara through a number of adventures. Tara is also close friends with Turgan, whose tribe she visited when she was young.

Following a visit to the forest of Sylvania, she rededicated herself to her calling. For a time, she studied directly under GreenLeaf in the sacred wood, essentially retired from adventuring. However, when Arin began show signs of becoming green again, she was sent to the small forest of Eskalikor, where she is overseeing its return to health.

Tara Goldmoon was a PC played by Carolyn Talamantez, and is now an NPC.