The Enchanted Forest

From Ardrana

This adventure began when Tara Goldmoon's mentor, GreenLeaf, told her of a grave threat to Sylvania, an enchanted forest far to the north, in western Tanilon. Along with her party, she traveled from the town of Semmarch, battling a pair of bulettes along the way, until they reached the Onyl Mountains. There, they passed through the enchantments which hid the forest from the eyes of those not favored by the forest folk. Once through, the party was greeted by an avatar of Gaiya, who told them to seek out the druid of the forest, Grynbrier.

The druid, it turned out, was actually a green dragon, who told Tara of two of the forest's tribes -- one of Halflings, one of centaurs -- that were feuding, and that the crisis must be averted. The party discovered that both tribes had been enchanted, and through the solving of riddles and puzzles were able to eventually break the curse, allowing the tribes to set aside their differences and become friends once more.

Cast of characters

The DM for this adventure was Roger Sayen. Characters involved at various points during this adventure included:

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