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Turgan is a Human barbarian from the region of Desilyr. He comes from the Tribe of the North Star, a nomadic tribe that wanders across the land, occasionally battling other tribes. At some point during his youth, his tribe was visited by the druid Tara Goldmoon, and the two became close friends. They met again when Tara came to the north at the behest of her mentor, and Turgan traveled with her and her companions for a time before returning home.

Shortly after returning, Turgan's uncle died after falling from his mount during a hunt. Since he had no male children, and his brother was also dead, Turgan became the tribe's chief, officially rising to Turgan Khan. In the years since, Turgan has increased his tribe's raids, becoming one of the more aggressive ones in the region.

Turgan was a PC played by Roger Sayen, and is now an NPC.