The UnderWorld

From Ardrana

The UnderWorld is a system of interconnected underground passages that, it is rumored, spreads throughout the area beneath Lanad i'Sarois, if not all of Ardrana. It is home to many creatures, most notably drow and duergar.

Though it has never been mapped in its entirety, it is known that there are several entrances to this throughout the Lanad, including one in the Caves of Chaos (which leads to the ruined Dwarven city of Dekh), one in the wood south of Semmarch, one in the Dwarven mines beneath the Thair Mountains, and one beneath an abandoned temple of Kuraliskar in the Ruisti Forest south of Nazivonema. There may also be one in the Camlekian Waste, uncovered by the collapsed tunnel dug by a purple worm, but that has not been tested.