Tobias Proudfoot

From Ardrana

Known simply as "Toby" to most, Tobias Proudfoot is a Tallfellow Halfling thief from the MidLands who came to Semmarch several years ago seeking adventure. Tobias is also the elder brother of Elias Proudfoot.

For a time, adventure found Toby, as he accompanied a group into the Caves of Chaos to clear them of some evil creatures that had set up shop there. After a couple other adventures, he found himself guarding a caravan into the Cardillic Desert, where his party discovered a long-lost pyramid. They had little chance to explore, however, and upon his return he notified his cousins Andelis and Polaris Waterbuck, who have since been trying to raise funds for an expedition there.

Tobias Proudfoot is a PC played by Mary Hayden-Weiner.