Andelis Waterbuck

From Ardrana

Andelis Waterbuck, or "Andy" as he's known to most people, is a Tallfellow Halfling holy warrior of Raskill. He's definitely a gregarious sort, sometimes to the point of being annoying. Originally from the town of Tiller's Bend in Onyshire, he now spends most of his time in Agropthos.

Early life

Growing up, Andelis became fascinated by the tales of adventure in the letters his family got from his uncle Jaydi. While his older brother, Polaris -- "Paul" to most -- often chided Andy, Andy often dragged him along to explore this or that place around their home.

Hearing the call

As Andy neared adulthood, his cousin Tobias Proudfoot, Jaydi's wife's nephew, went south to Semmarch to become an adventurer himself. When he returned a few years later, he told them of a mysterious pyramid that he had visited while guarding a caravan across the Cardillic Desert. While most of the family scoffed at the story, Andy knew then and there that he wanted to find it for himself. He set out for Agropthos almost immediately, and Paul, now a priest of Raskill, was once again dragged along with him.

Adventuring career

After being unable to raise funds early on, Andy and Paul have taken to hiring themselves out to adventuring parties across the central Lanad. While they mostly try to stick close to Agropthos, they have also found themselves in Hanmer, aiding Allegra Brownstoke in one of her attempts to retrieve the key to her book. They even once found themselves in far-off Stavin, themselves doing guard duty for a caravan through the Camlekian Waste. It was then that they were joined by Mace Nighthammer and his companions during their quest in that region.