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Trave is an Elven assassin who currently lives in Hanmer, at least when she's staying in one place, which isn't often. Trave was found abandoned on the streets of Hanmer as a child and raised by the Assassins' Guild of Hanmer. She acquired the nickname "Moth" early on, as she had a tendency to be unable to move in one direction at a time or to stay in one place for more than a few seconds. Over the years, she grew to be very skilled at the various crafts of the rogue, including murder.

On one of her early assignments, she met a young priestess of Laurent named Al Sha'in, and the two of them became fast friends. Al'Shain also wanted nothing to do with her early life, having run away from an arranged marriage in Rogariel, and the two of them took up adventuring, traveling for a long time with Beatrice and her companions.

After a few years as an adventurer, Trave became a member of the Assassins in the Service of Good. She had been approached by members of the group in the past, but she always demurred. This time, however, she had an ace up her sleeve -- she had captured a member of the Servants of Kuraliskar named Mothra and brought her to the ASG for interrogation. This not only brought her into the group, it set her up as one of their top operatives very quickly. Mothra even had a change of heart, and is now part of her team along with swashbuckling Elven thief Talen.