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For the Imorian priestess, see Beatrice Slinger.

Beatrice is a half-Lastini, half-Karis transmuter from Hanmer. She holds the rank of sergeant in the White Army, and leads a strike team that takes on difficult tasks.

Adventuring days

Beatrice began her career as an adventurer in Semmarch. While there, she helped foil a plot by Jerome, second-in-command of the garrison, to take over and allow Morjec's forces through to enter Kellan. Once that plot was foiled, Bea was offered a commission by Kent Mydland, then the city's castellan. She accepted, and her companions Arista, Bastor, Klaven and Al Sha'in became part of her squad.

In the army now

Beatrice and her group continued doing scouting missions for a while, but following a dispute with one of her subordinates, a paladin named Garrett, during a mission, it was decided that it would be best if her team became special operatives. For most of these years, she served in Semmarch under the command of Kent Mydland, but now is officially assigned to the garrison at Hanmer, under Lieutenant Lynitta.

Unofficially official

The most prominent members of her team are Arista, Bastor, Klaven, Hydralanus and Sarina, and she is also close friends with Al Sha'in, Trave, Rodney, Srelhoeth, Svenyka, WoodLock, and RainSong. The team's last known assignment was to travel to Byngh to attempt to discover the true reason that Duke Mirdael had chosen to separate Hanaellan from the White Alliance. The outcome of that assignment is still pending.

Beatrice is a PC played by Sydney Howard.