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Vel'thyl -- or, more often, just "Vel", as she dislikes her full name with a passion -- is an Elven archer from the forest of Shael i'Vor. Probably the best word to describe her is "force of nature", as she is not only extremely chaotic, but can also bring some great skill at archery to bear. She also has a penchant for setting things on fire while giggling like a schoolgirl.

In many ways, Vel still is a schoolgirl. She was very young when she left the forest, and as the Elven maturing process takes many years, is still barely out of adolescence. She often acts without forethought, and only the occasional nudge from Alysten, to whom she looks for guidance like an older sister, would keep her from cutting an even broader swath on her adventures.

Even with that, her swath is still pretty broad, including one particular incident in which she accidentally set fire to a part of the forest of Shael i'Vor while on a ship moving through the Straits of the Unicorn. For that, the Elven Council ordered she be kept under guard awaiting trial. Shortly thereafter, she was freed by an evil illusionist posing as a member of the council, then returned to the ship, where everyone had been rendered unconscious. The ship was then set on course for Ondolor Island, where it eventually ran aground. The council sent out scouts to locate her, and eventually she was found in Nazivonema by Thalvorn and returned to the forest, where she is now performing penance.

Vel is particularly fond of dogs, although has had trouble keeping them. The first, Lucky, was chased off by the Servants of Kuraliskar, while the second, Moonbeam, was killed by githyanki.

Vel is a PC played by Wendy Marques.