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Alysten is a Grey Elven wild mage from the forest of Shael i'Vor. She has nearly-white hair and eyes, and has a pair of wings on her back created by a botched casting of Murdock's Feathery Flyer some years ago. She studied as a bladesinger to make use of her spellcasting ability as well as her fighting talent, but over time has gone back and forth regarding which should be her focus.

Early life

Early on, Alysten focused on her fighting skills, but something inside her told her she needed to learn the ways of wild magic. Alysten began studying under Master Rinad al'Zoon at the Serrian School of Wild Magic, an adjunct of the Mages' Guild of Nazivonema. This led her to nearly be swept up in the battle for Lassomaranza, which she escaped due to the intervention of her adventuring companions, led by her unlikely friend Gillek.

Meeting with Zin and training

Following her death during an adventure in Ruisti Forest, Alysten traveled to the Astral Plane. There, she came face to face with her inner voice, which turned out to be Zin Findel, a proxy-in-training of Laurent. Before Zin ascended to full proxy status, she convinced Alysten to focus on her skill at wild magic, and to place it at the service of the Hand of Fate.

The Cephid Knights

During one of her adventures, Alysten traveled to Agrabah, where she was told by the mystic Fasir that in order to control her magic, she must study with the Cephid Knights in the Luyan Mountains. She finally traveled there with Nevyn after being called there during a mission in the Camlekian Waste.

Personal info

Alysten has developed something of an antagonistic relationship with Nevyn, who always seems to pop up whenever she does. Vel'thyl, with whom Alysten has also traveled extensively, seems to treat her as an elder to be feared and respected. She is also known to have something of a pathological fear of fire, going to great lengths to extinguish it if it should come too close. This is at least in part due to her fear of it catching on her wings, but it obviously goes well beyond that.

For some time, Alysten had a horse named Midnight. However, during her time in Nazivonema, the horse was killed by an air elemental recruited by Blofeld Rufus when he attempted to lure her and her adventuring companions into a trap.

Alysten is a PC played by Wendy Marques.