War for Lassomaranza

From Ardrana

The War for Lassomaranza (or sometimes War of the Forest Nexus) is the name given to the fight over the nexus of Shael i'Vor that has been developing over the past two years. It currently involves the Elves of the forest and their allies attempting to retake the area around the nexus from the forces of The Black Czar that currently hold it.

The beginnings of the war date back five years, when the area was attacked by a Maluur and a force of evil humanoids. At that time, they were driven back, but a little over a year ago a larger force appeared in in the forest without warning. The army of The Black Czar quickly overwhelmed the area's defenses and constructed a fortification before the Elves could organize themselves.

The Elven Council of Shael i'Vor met to determine their next course of action, and a call was sent out to all Elves of the forest to return and aid in the fight. Many Elves left their adopted homes throughout Lanad i'Sarois to join the war, which thus far has been at best a stalemate for them.