From Ardrana

The Maluur are magical constructs created some time in the distant past. It is rumored that they were created by Keraptis in the days before the fall of the Purple Castle, and that they went into hibernation when he perished. Now, they are said to work for a mysterious figure known only as The Black Czar, who has apparently sent them back out into the world in an attempt to control all of Ardrana's magical nexuses.

Maluur are creatures of great mental and physical strength, and they have great psionic powers -- specifically, the power to control the minds of others. One of these creatures is known to inhabit a stronghold in the eastern part of Shael i'Vor, and another was recently driven out of a stronghold in the Camlekian Waste.

Physically, Maluur are quite imposing, standing ten feet in height, with a single large eye in the middle of their forehead. They are said to be particularly vulnerable to fire, but many have died trying to prove the truth or falsity of that.