From Ardrana

Zwann is a Human invoker, originally from the city of Drev. Many years ago, he came to the Lanad to study at the Jar-Kahni School of Arcane Knowledge. He soon became known as a talented student, and was became a professor at the school, and eventually became the Dean of Invocation.

Zwann also became known for his inspiration at creating useful magic items, which he sold. He was sometimes accused of using his position to get people to purchase such items, but his students and fellow faculty members considered him a valuable instructor and looked the other way. However, when Jhessail became president of the school, Zwann was one of the casualties of his purge of the faculty.

At that point, Zwann considered retiring, but he received an offer that intrigued him. Kiriba Tuvarsh, the recently-appointed head of Tarkus Academy, offered him a partial ownership interest in the school in exchange for becoming an instructor. Always a shrewd businessman, he did so, and has been a member of the Tarkus faculty ever since.