Jar-Kahni School of Arcane Knowledge

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The Jar-Kahni School of Arcane Knowledge is a school of arcane spellcasting. The academy is typically referred to simply as Jar-Kahn, which is also the name of the city in which it resides. It was founded in 420 LC, and is today considered the preeminent school for the teaching of the arcane arts in all of Ardrana.


Jar-Kahn was founded by a group of survivors of the fall of the Purple Castle. When that institution fell, legend has it that only one student who was in the castle survived its destruction, an Elven wizardess named Gandriel. She is said to have rescued only eight books from its library before its destruction, and that those eight books formed the eight base schools of arcane magic taught at Jar-Kahn today.

What is known with more certainty is that Gandriel and her associates -- an invoker named Arphineas Moontamer and a mystic named Kalzac Verdimont el Marant -- founded the school in an effort to rebuild what had been lost when the Purple Castle fell. Also, they hoped to help train mages who would one day rise up against those who caused its fall, Keraptis and his minions. They appointed as the school's first president a mage named Bigby, who was renowned for his skills at spell research, especially in the areas of force magic, and the school was founded in much the same form as it exists today.


Jar-Kahn is organized into nine schools, one representing each of the eight major disciplines of magic, and a ninth that covers alternate methods including wild magic, elementalism, alchemy, and the like. Each of these schools is built in one section of the academy grounds, centered on nine towers in the central courtyard. The courtyard itself sits on the edge of the Cliffs of Fasel -- symbolic, it is said, of the edge on which all wizards walk.

Students of each school can be recognized by the color of the badge they wear on their blue-and-gold robes. Those who are not dedicated to a single school wear white badges. Professors wear robes of royal blue, while the nine deans wear robes of gold.


The school's current president is Jhessail, previously the Dean of Divination. He was hand-picked for the position by Torian, who still sits on the executive board as president emeritus. Jhessail became president four years ago, and within two years all the deans of the various schools had been relieved of their duties with the exception of Tasirin. Obviously, this caused a large uproar at the time, but Torian supported the move, and Jhessail had other political allies. The effects of this purge are still being felt among the staff, and there is still a very tenuous sense of trust among the various schools, and between the schools and the administration. For now, there is an uneasy truce of sorts among the various factions.

Before Jhessail took control, applicants had to go through the Threefold Trial in order to become the dean of one of the magical philosophies, but that is no longer the case. Below is a list of the current deans of the various schools within Jar-Kahn, as well as the color of the badges worn by students of each.

List of deans and school colors

School Dean Badge Color
Abjuration GreenRowan Light Blue
Alteration Eszen Brown
Conjuration Chester Yellow
Divination Laeral Orange
Enchantment Tasirin Purple
Illusion Quiventra Green
Invocation Leviticus Pallianor Red
Necromancy Naldoora Black
Alternative Studies Walin Race Grey

Additional info

All buildings within the school are treated with gorgon's blood in order to prevent unwanted intrusion from astral or ethereal travelers.