Allied Temples

From Ardrana

"Allied Temples" is the name used by a group of religious orders in the city of Nazivonema. It was formed during the Wars of Arin to provide services to the influx of refugees into that city due to its neutral stance.


The alliance includes the order of Sedric, whose preeminent temple lies within the city. As the current High Priest of Sedric, Larren leads the high priests of the other temples within the group. Other current members of the alliance are the temples of Helandra and her High Priest Niondi, Laurent and his High Priest Kojan, and Vodyus and his High Priest OakWarden.


As a group, these faiths lean toward the alignments of good and of chaos, and often their goals are compatible. Indeed, any temple who shares the goals of the other members is welcome to join. Molbo, the founder of a temple to Perasin in the city, formally requested admittance to the alliance several months ago, and his temple has been granted probationary membership. Even more recently, petitioners from the temple of Banjo have applied for membership, although the members question the seriousness of the request.