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Molbo is a Human barbarian priest of Perasin who hails from the land of Odiferous. He currently serves as the Great Priest of the temple of Perasin in Nazivonema, which he also founded.


Molbo was born into a family of cheese makers. He has two siblings, an older brother named Caboc and a younger sister named Maribo. In his youth, Molbo became the protege of Mightragor, the High Priest of Perasin in his homeland, who told him to go forth and enlighten others about the Lord of Battle. Caboc, who had become a competitor in the Ring of Brute Force, saw this as a lesser calling, and insulted Molbo's bashing ability. The two remain rivals to this day.

Travels with Alysten

Early days

He traveled through the Cardillic Desert on his faithful yak, Edam, and arrived in the city of Agropthos. There, he met up with Alysten and her compatriots just as they were deciding on their next mission following the destruction of a temple to Kuraliskar. There, he adopted a cat named Mrowt, who enjoyed nibbling the cheese he carried.

Founding of the temple in Nazivonema

During his adventures with Alysten, Molbo visited the city of Nazivonema, where there was as yet no temple to his deity. He knew then that this was his calling, and began to work on building one. As its construction proceeded, he applied to the Allied Temples to join their ranks. At first, they were hesitant, but Molbo's enthusiasm and promise not to work with the forces of evil, they allowed him to join.

Travels with Mace

Rescuing the Crock of Cheese

As the temple neared completion, Molbo was visited by Muenster, a messenger from Prince Uncouthma himself. He learned that his people's prized artifact, the Most Sacred Crock of Cheese, had been stolen, and that the land was devolving into internecine squabbling. With Odiferous unable to mount an expedition to retrieve it, Molbo was needed. He vowed to retrieve the Crock, and asked the Allied Temples for help.

As it happened, an adventuring party had arrived in town, led by Mace Nighthammer, and was indebted to the Temples for the resurrection of one of their party. They were asked to accompany Molbo, along with representatives of the other Temples. One of their members, a Dwarf named Khalistov, heard the calling of Perasin from the big barbarian, and stayed behind to oversee the completion of the temple.

After learning from Fasir that the Crock had been stolen by a Maluur, Molbo swore the Odiferan Rite of Vengeance against the creature. After a long journey, ending in an attack on the Maluur's stronghold in the middle of the Camlekian Waste, The Crock was retrieved, but Molbo perished in the attempt. He was resurrected at the insistence Mace, with whom he had become great friends, and hailed as a hero by his people.

Further adventures

Following his return to Nazivonema, he next got involved with a mission to destroy, and later to discover the nature of, an item in a magically locked and protected box. This mission took him to Jar-Kahn and there he was subdued by Antos and his accomplice, Kalzac. Molbo was found by the rest of his party, led by SpringRite, and has vowed to his deity to kill Antos and his accomplice for their treachery.

Following this mission, Molbo and his companions set out for Vesqui on the Daikigyou, a Jiberian passenger ship. They were attacked by another ship, and the Daikigyou was destroyed. At that point, he returned to Nazivonema, where he resumed his duties as Great Priest.


Molbo is very proud of his culture and he takes to heart the rites and rituals of his people as they are so near and dear to his heart muscle. He is also, like most Odiferans, very fond of cheese -- especially cheese soup, which has gotten him into trouble twice -- once near Lake Colaud, and once in Shael i'Vor.

Molbo is noted for carrying a really, really big battle axe, measuring some ten feet in length, that was purchased for him in Sigil by the merchant Gamal.

Current status

When not adventuring, Molbo still serves as the patriarch of the temple of Perasin in Nazivonema, which he has decided to aptly call simply "The Battle Place". He is ably assisted in his duties by Khalistov, as well as several other lesser priests and acolytes. At the temple, he has instituted several Odiferan traditions, including the creation of Battle Snacks and the Bashing of the Bricks ceremony, both blessed by Perasin as means to motivate his worshipers.

Since its founding, Molbo's temple has struggled with funding. Much of the adventuring he has done in the interim has been at least in part to pay off its debts. Most recently, this involved him bringing several companions back to the Cardillic Desert to take part in a competition to retrieve a dragon egg.

Molbo is a PC played by Shelley Proulx.