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Arnje is a Human fighter from the city of Glespi. By his words, he is an "independent merchant sailor", but to most he'd be known as a pirate. His ship, the Grey Ghost, was once feared up and down the Vorilon River, but it was recently damaged in a collision with the ferry in Vinginnore. Arnje disposed of those responsible, and is now raising money for a new ship, or at least to repair the Ghost.

Independent merchant sailor

For some time, Arnje has worked with the Thieves' Guild of Nazivonema, and is good friends with Cypress Tanginule. Arnje also worked for some time with Kenabar, the late father of Emilina. Recently, he attempted to form a group to search the Caves of Chaos for a hidden treasure, but they went their separate ways in Ezrick.

In Allegra's employ

Hoping change his luck, he wound traveling to The Crossroads. There, he met Lady Allegra Brownstoke, who was in need of someone to pilot a ship down the Hanaelon River. He traveled with her and her entourage to Hanmer, where Allegra commissioned the S.S. Purple Rose, of which Arnje is now the captain.


Arnje is a large man with bright orange-red hair and a beard to match. He also lost a leg in an encounter with a giant gar several years ago, and now wears a peg-leg which is rumored to have magical properties. He is also a very superstitious man, and tries to avoid offending Laurent whenever possible.