Allegra Brownstoke

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Lady Allegra Brownstoke is the surviving daughter of Count Wildigar and Alleen Brownstoke. Her parents were killed in an orc raid on their home of Pallinnore several years ago. Allegra's home now is at the estate of her uncle, Kendar Brownstoke, near the town of Sylennore.

Early life

After the death of her parents, Allegra went to Vesqui to learn magecraft like her mother. While there, she was in the care of Duncan, a friend of the family. She became friends with a number of Elves there, including one of her instructors, Meldani, and a young thief named Quark.

It was Allegra's dying mother's wish a week before her 18th birthday that she be given the family heirloom - a locked spellbook to which the acompanying key that revealed its secrets had been lost. Her dying mother's last words were to find said key and change the world forever. Alleen told her daughter that the key would be found beneath a purple rose -- an item Allegra discovered in an underground labyrinth with the help of her friends and several White Army officers, although both Meldani and Quark were killed during the adventure. However, the key was no longer there.

The quest

Ever since, Allegra has been on a quest to find this key. Kendar has, out of respect for his brother and sister-in-law's wishes, been providing financial backing for Allegra's mission. Allegra has since been traveling all across the SouthLands, mounting several expeditions into the UnderWorld, where it is believed the key lies. Accompanying her on these journeys have been her faithful bodyguard, Duncan, and her good friend Ashton Warrendale. She has also hired Sevreen StormWatch of the Finders' Guild of Sigil to aid her in pinpointing the key's location.

First mission

There have been at least three missions in the past few years. The first of these involved an attempt to reach the area through the moonlit grove where Allegra discovered the rose. However, the land where this grove stands is under the control of Mirdael Hanaestor, whom Allegra mistrusts. Allegra suspects that Mirdael wishes to see her married to one of his two sons, then using that leverage to bring Kendar into his alliance.

Second mission

The second involved an attempt to get at the labyrinth through the entrance to the UnderWorld beneath the Thair Mountains. The party was to be led there by a Deep Gnome named Qeelee. After two false starts, this mission was called off due to the impassibility of the Deepearth Lake.

Third mission

The most recent of these missions was called off when the adventurers hired by Allegra, led by SpringRite, were the cause of much trouble before even entering the UnderWorld. First, Allegra's servant Josephine was lost in the Astral Plane. Then, while trying to visit the sage Krynolith Whisperwind in Semmarch, they caused the city guard to be called on the group by angering the thieves' guild. Finally, when the party killed several guards they encountered on the road, Allegra decided it was too dangerous to continue with this group.

Current info

Allegra, Ashton, Duncan, and Sevreen have been traveling back and forth between Sigil and Hanmer attempting to mount another expedition. While her uncle has been loath to provide additional funds from her trust, she has continued to press forward, and hopes to get a fresh start soon.