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Vinginnore is a town in central Idrellan, about 30 miles west of Nazivonema. The northern branch of the East-West Road runs through the town, which sits mostly on the eastern bank of the Vorilon River. As such, Vinginnore is a popular stopping point for caravans as well as merchant ships. Due to the proximity of the Swamp of Undeath, it is the only crossing of the Vorilon between Glespi and the border of Faxanadu.

The town is ruled by Dranch Vargate, who holds the rank of Baron, although nobody really knows who gave him that rank, if anyone at all did. A ferry built to carry wagons and animals, at 2 silver a head, is run across the river by Vyman Wallister, who recently purchased the rights to the ferry route from a local merchant.