Into the Borderlands

From Ardrana

This adventure began in the city of Nazivonema, with the party having received their reward for their previous mission. Everyone in Kurzik's group went out to the festival. Stom, Pete, Melctz and Shmo took their turn running an arm-wrestling booth for the temple of Perasin. Thoren and Cedic came over to try their luck, with Thoren defeating Melctz and Cedic nearly breaking Pete's arm. The group then met back at the Red Dragon Inn, where Simry was talking with Thomlin and another member of his troupe, Norville. Morithelwen also returned with Meriel and was introduced to the party. The group went their separate ways during the course of the evening, and again the next morning.

Seeking a new mission

Kurzik went to the temple of Severn, where he spoke to Koltar. They discussed the completed mission, then Kurzik asked for information about Dekh and leads on a new mission. Koltar suggested he speak to someone at the temple of Sedric. Meanwhile, Meriel went looking for employment at the Chamber of Commerce, hoping to secure work as a translator. She spoke to the secretary, Judson, who mentioned several positions, but when Meriel mentioned Cypress' name as a referral, he closed up shop and scurried off, much to the mage's dismay.

Pleh Detnaw returned to class at Tarkus Academy, where he spoke briefly with one of his abjuration classmates, Korey. Korey expressed an interest in joining an adventuring group, and Pleh attempted to discourage him from joining Kurzik's group, as he claimed his talents were wasted. Korey was undeterred, and Pleh suggested he speak to Kurzik.

Cypress returned to the RDI with Lucille and three others. One was Melio, whom Skellion recognized as his contact with the Thieves' Guild of Nazivonema. He came over to meet with Fleur, and introduced the other as Lavitas, who would be inspecting her sister Fauna's equipment to see what could be sold. He also mentioned that his last companion, Arnje, was looking to hire adventurers, and he would steer him their way if they intended to continue working together, but he warned her not to approach Arnje until he had prepared the way.

Just as Cypress, Lavitas and Fleur left the main room, Meriel returned looking for Cypress. She spoke to Brianna who offered to go to her temple and inquire about jobs within the city and quickly took her leave. Landra, the daytime barkeep, also tried to ease Meriel's concerns with minimal success. Melio, hearing her in high dudgeon, went up and filled Cypress in. The Halfling suspected a connection with the mysterious communications from the Council of Merchants and went down to try and calm the mage. Cypress promised to look into matters for all concerned and departed as well.

Brianna visited the temple of Helandra, where she spoke to one of the priests, a Halfling named Pharias Brend, about the issue with Cypress and possible employment for Meriel. Meriel wrote a letter to Fleur's mother, Odette Differouskaya, to be picked up by her in Willowbridge, and Fleur repaid her by paying for her room and board for the day. Meanwhile, Kurzik and his three companions met Sloj and Xotznoxl at the arm-wrestling booth. Kurzik asked them what they knew about Sedric, and learned of his importance to the city.

Brianna and Skellion returned to the RDI and joined Meriel and Fleur at their table. Morithelwen arrived soon after along with Rei, a priestess of fire that was helping with her divination class. Mori told those at the table of Rei's involvement with the bonfire taking place the following night, and they discussed the various forms of entertainment surrounding the event. The Dwarves and genasi arrived and sat at a separate table while Xotznoxl joined the others. Xotz showed everyone some chalk that he'd purchased from a booth Simry had shown him that actually was flavored -- although he didn't like some that was green, which he put on the table and Skellion pocketed.

Brianna inquired if Meriel had had any luck on the job front and indicated that she had some information she'd tell her later. Meanwhile, Skellion, being antsy with the lack of activity, darted over to Lucille and Arnje, where Lucille told him to go to the guild and see Melio for a job. Skellion abruptly departed and asked Lucille to let Brianna know where he had gone.

Simry and Stom arrived, and Stom proudly displayed a packet with the Battle Snack he had earned. The subject of finding a new adventure was revisited, and Fleur said that Cypress had mentioned he might have a mission. Xotznoxl told Simry that Kurzik wanted to talk to her about something. Simry excused herself and Stom followed her over to the Dwarves' table while the others continued to chat. Brianna told Meriel about some ideas for making money, including the possibility of scribing magical scrolls.

Putting out feelers

After a brief interruption by Swiftfoot, Kurzik told Simry of his meeting with Koltar. They discussed the shortcomings of the other party members, and decided they would see what missions were available before recruiting new members. Meanwhile, Stom told Xotz that missions had come up, and he relayed the information to the others, who had been discussing Cypress. Brianna joined them and accompanied Simry and Thoren to Sedric's temple for leads. Meriel departed as well to pursue Brianna's leads. Stom and Xotznoxl left for Perasin's temple and Kurzik, Zemetreseni, and Cedic headed out in search of a smithy so they might pay their respects to Vulcan.

The trio arrived at Sedric's temple and spoke with an acolyte, Sparrow, and a newly-returned priest, Keladryn. Sparrow suggested adventures in the nearby swamps, as they tended to pay well, but Simry and Brianna seemed uncertain. The Halfling then suggested retrieving a yak -- the mount of a friend of Keladryn's named Molbo -- from the city of Semmarch. After some questioning, Keladryn learned that these were the folks who were involved with the Council of Merchants mission to Pallinnore. When Thoren mentioned interest in an underground mission, Sparrow suggested looking into the Drow outpost in the Ruisti Forest, but Thoren, Simry and Keladryn all agreed that the group wasn't a good fit for an information-gathering mission. Working as caravan guards was also suggested, but it met with little favor. With the idea of retrieving the yak seeming the most promising, the group went to Perasin's temple to speak with Molbo.

Meriel arrived at The Arcanist, the magic shop to which Brianna referred her, and spoke to its owner, Andiklor. She agreed to scribe a magic missile scroll, and upon its completion the shopkeeper gave her material for another, with the understanding that she would return them if she didn't write any scrolls before leaving the city. She agreed and headed to Tarkus Academy.

Keladryn and company headed to Perasin's temple and spoke with Great Priest Molbo. He told them about his yak, named Edam, the giff, the toll-takers that guard the bridge into Hanaellan that carry fire sticks. Sparrow told them that he had heard that the RDI there had reopened. Molbo and the group each went to discuss the matter with their fellows. Once Stom and Xotz were filled in, the group returned to the RDI. They arrived to find Fleur had nearly passed out from drinking and joined her.

As Simry took a look at the announcement board, Brianna spoke with Lucille and Harold, who told her that she should go speak with folks at her temple regarding Cypress. Lucille also encouraged her to seriously consider Arnje's mission lead and Brianna suggested they all talk after supper that evening before departing. Meanwhile, Simry noted an owl flying around outside the inn and a man attempting to calm it. She, and later Stom, went outside and the man, Korey Mekell, told them he was an abjurer who was interested in taking Pleh's place. Stom and Simry advised him to speak with the others.

The two genasi and Kurzik arrived at dinnertime and Korey expressed his interest in joining the group. Kurzik warned that he keep his owl familiar away from the genasi, then mentioned that no adventure plans had been made yet. Meriel and Brianna also returned, and the latter told the group that she had an adventure lead in the same area as the yak mission. She began showing them a parchment with some information on it, but was interrupted by the arrival of a soot-covered Skellion. With the core group now gathered, they decided to continue their discussion in one of the RDI's conference rooms.

Decisions, decisions

Once downstairs, they discussed what they were looking for in new group members as they ate, and then the interviewing process began. The two Dwarves, the two genasi, Simry, Stom, Fleur and Xotznoxl spoke to Meriel first, then Korey. Simry noticed Rei sitting at a table with a friend named Chad, and asked if she would be interested in adventuring. Rei agreed to talk to them, and eventually Chad did as well. The latter recognized Skellion from having stolen candy apples from his family's booth in the market, and Stom had to calm him. He mentioned that he specialized in something called Bombero-Fu, a martial art he learned from Rei's grandfather.

When the group returned to the main room two hours later, they had decided that Korey and Chad would not be joining them, but that Meriel and Rei were strong candidates. Chad was quite disappointed that he would not be able to, as he put it, protect Rei, which worried Thoren a bit. Also, the group decided that further inquiries still needed to be made, as they were still deficient in certain areas. The group mostly returned to the common room, where they listened to Orcasis, a band of orcs from Arin. They told Meriel they hadn't yet decided whether to allow her to joined the group.

The next morning, Meriel stayed upstairs to scribe another scroll for The Arcanist. Simry came downstairs to find Sloj, who told her he would be willing to stay one more day while they decided their course. Rosilyn then told her that the Council had taken back the mules they had been loaned. Meanwhile, Brianna sent a message to Lucille requesting a meeting as soon as possible. After breakfast, the party left the RDI to perform some errands.

The two priests of Vulcan went exploring the city, while Brianna and Fleur went into the market. Fleur hoped to find some herbs to help with hangovers, but was spotted by one of the servants of Master Windridge, whose pumpkin patch her sister had damaged several days earlier. The two went to an apothecary, but the price was too high.

Simry and Meriel went to The Arcanist, where Meriel sold Andiklor a scroll containing the phantasmal force spell. Simry asked about the possibility of selling a scroll containing cantrips, to which he replied there was little market for all but the most unusual ones.

Stom, Skellion, Thoren and Zeme went to find Chad to test his mettle at the temple of Perasin. They found him at his family's booth, where Stom tried one of their candies to his disgust, and Chad said he'd meet them later. The group went on to the temple, where they met up with Xotznoxl. Khalistov told Thoren that Molbo might be able to help with their communication problem. Molbo demonstrated a speaking stick for him and Zeme, which he promised to loan them if they brought Edam back, then sparred with the Dwarf. Stom then went on to spar with Chad, and Skellion and Thoren joined in. Stom defeated him with his wrestling skills, knocking him out, bringing Molbo over to heal him. Skellion then flew over and began going through Chad's belongings, and when no one stopped him, Molbo cast hold person on him. The Great Priest then asked Stom to remove him from the temple.

Meanwhile, Kurzik and Cedic wandered the marketplace. Cedic, unable to ignore a blacksmith demonstration that he considered unworthy of Vulcan, interrupted it and took over, much to the delight of the crowd.

The party gathered again for lunch, and Brianna noted that Lucille, Melio, two Elves and two Humans were at a table. Brianna joined them, and was introduced to Slash, NightShade, and Gabriella, but the fourth, a muscular Human, remained silent. Brianna and Lucille adjourned to a nearby alleyway, where they discussed the progress on getting the party to take on Arnje's mission. When Brianna returned, she was told of Skellion's faux pas, then about the speaking stick.

The group sent a note to Arnje asking for a meeting that evening. They also decided to extend an official invitation to Rei via Simry. The priestess expressed her concern over Skellion's behavior toward Chad, and Simry mollified her, saying that he would not behave in such a manner toward party members. Simry also mentioned the meeting with Arnje, but Rei said she would need to be notified about when the meeting would take place, as she needed to be present at the lighting of a bonfire at sunset in the field east of town. Either way, she said she would make a decision before the end of the night.

After lunch, the party separated again. Xotz and Stom went to tell Sloj about the meeting, while Brianna and Fleur went to Tarkus Academy to try and recruit another mage. They were barred from entering and disrupting classes, but were told that word would be passed on to the beginning students that the group was looking for an arcane spellcaster. Brianna went on to The Arcanist, where she gained some information both about the Council of Merchants and about Meriel.

Meanwhile, the group remaining in the RDI received word that Arnje would meet them at 5:30. A short time later, a black-robed, bald Human came to the group's table. He introduced himself as Zebulon Garnitura, an invoker attending Tarkus Academy. He indicated that he was a student of Zwann, whom Meriel said had a favorable reputation. Skellion asked about the black-and-red necklace Zebulon was wearing, which the wizard explained was the symbol of his favor of Malarik. Zebulon added that he wanted to perform a demonstration of his abilities and went over to the bar. Kurzik took the opportunity to express his concern about the caster's attire and Brianna indicated that Malarik was a neutral deity, but neither this nor Meriel's reassurances seemed to ease the dwarf's mind.

Kurzik then noted a man looking in their direction and pointed this out to Simry. The man walked over to the table, introduced himself as Calumet, and said that he'd gathered that they were looking for a scout. He indicated that he'd been observing the group, as they were clearly not being secretive about their activities. Fleur and Meriel's subsequent comments supported this observation, earning each a warning look from both Brianna and Kurzik. They discussed Calumet's skills as a wilderness scout and when Zebulon returned to the table, Calumet departed saying that he'd be in the area if they wanted to speak with him further. After further discussion of his abilities and reasons for joining the group, Zebulon departed as well, saying he'd return later to do his demonstration when the rest of the group was present. Later, a note arrived from Rei that said she would be unable to be at this evening's meeting.

The mission revealed

The group adjourned to the conference room and Arnje joined them to discuss his mission offer. He first told them of the loss of his ship, the Grey Ghost, in a collision with the Vinginnore ferry caused by his first mate. He claimed to need at least five hundred gold to repair it, but that he knew of a treasure in the Caves of Chaos, located north of Semmarch, to which he had acquired a map. Arnje described what he knew of the caves, which he said were inhabited by orcs and other such evil creatures. Despite some initial reservations, the group agreed to take on the mission. With that, Arnje took his leave so the group could continue with their recruiting work.

Simry and Stom left to fill Rei in on the details, and on the way out Simry told Zebulon to head downstairs, where he demonstrated his Bigby's Feeling Fingers spell using the mousetrap. He then departed, telling them that he would return after dinner to complete the demonstration of his offensive abilities. After a brief discussion about the remaining needs for the mission, everyone left to go to the bonfire except Brianna and Xotz, who stayed behind to wait for Zebulon's return.

At the bonfire, Simry met with Rei, who told her of the tradition of making an offering to Raskill by throwing something into the fire. Simry threw in some thread from her family's caravan, then returned to give Rei the information from Arnje. The fire priestess was still uncertain, but then Arnje arrived with a piece of his ship. Upon hearing his tale of mariners' folly, Rei was convinced. When Stom returned with his friends, Pete insulted Arnje, who drew his cutlass and threatened him. He was halted by the leader of the fire dancers, Mutua, who said this should be a time of peace and celebration. He told them of his journey from the city of Kimelis, but Rei cut his tale short with an issue regarding his dancers and he took his leave.

At the RDI, Zebulon returned and he adjourned with Brianna and Xotz to an alley next to the RDI. Once there, he cast a chromatic orb spell and threw an orange ball at a wooden crate. It missed its intended target and hit the wall of Inn, causing Garth to come running out to see what happened. Zebulon caused the crate to glow brightly with his second spell and explained the other abilities of the spell before they all headed to the bonfire. They told him they'd fill in the others to see if the group wanted him to join.

Meanwhile, Stom and Melctz ran into Skellion, and they continued to enjoy the festival's fine food and drink. Meriel met up with her cousin while the Dwarves and genasi wandered through the crowd in search of Simry. Thoren was the lucky winner of a prize in the festival's raffle, a coupon from Draper's Clothiers. After the entertainment was done, Brianna found a grounded Skellion. Brianna asked Stom to carry him back to the inn while Xotz filled in the others about Zebulon's demonstration. When that proved inadequate, Simry ran after Brianna, who filled in the pieces for her.

At breakfast the next morning, with Brianna's prompting, the group agreed to have Meriel, Rei and Zebulon join them. Simry pitched the idea of accepting Molbo's mission to get his yak in addition to Arnje's mission, and Kurzik said he'd talk to him. Fleur said she'd go with him so she could talk to Molbo about how to handle his yak.

After the meal, Stom and the fighters headed off to Perasin's temple while Simry, Cedic and Kurzik left for Sedric's temple. Meriel took her leave to buy supplies in the market. Fleur spoke with the barkeep and had a note sent to Lucille regarding her sister's belongings and then caught up with the fighters as they arrived at the temple. Fleur spoke with Great Priest Molbo about his yak while the others sparred. She then returned to the RDI where she was given a note saying that she would receive the proceeds of her sister's possessions sale this evening.

At Sedric's temple, Simry and Kurzik spoke with Szaje. a priestess with knowledge of Semmarch and its surroundings. They were told that it was characterized by a more militaristic environment and were strongly advised to keep their noses clean to avoid any trouble. Meanwhile, Rei and Brianna met for tea at Naru's Teas before returning to the RDI.

Everyone met for lunch and Simry filled them in on what they learned at Sedric's temple. Arnje arrived and reviewed the party's requests for equipment, giving them 20 gold pieces to spend. Meriel, Stom, Xotz, Brianna and Fleur went to the marketplace to shop for their own supplies, while Simry and Rei went to Perasin's temple with the Dwarves and the genasi to speak to Molbo.

When the group arrived at Perasin's, Molbo expressed concern over whether the party would be able to handle his yak, and attempted to explain to them how best to care for and control him. When he was unsatisfied with the answers, he asked Kurzik to look him in the eye and tell him he could do this task. When Kurzik could not, Molbo left, intending to retrieve his yak on his own. The others then went off to do the party's shopping.

When Skellion finally came down to the common room, he observed Molbo going into the back of the RDI and not coming back out. Meriel returned with her supplies, and invited Zebulon to join her in crafting a scroll for Andiklor. Unfortunately, Meriel ruined her attempt, and an angry Andiklor kicked them both out of the shop. The rest of the first group out returned, and Fleur received the money from her sister's belongings.

Gau's mission

Fleur remembered that her sister was still at the House of Death, and asked those still at the RDI if they wished to accompany her. Meriel and Zebulon accepted, and left. Skellion also left the inn, following them at a discreet distance. When they arrived, Fleur spoke with Sqlud's assistant, Torgo, who told her that had she not paid today, her sister would have been buried in an umnarked grave. He also told her that Richard had left the city after the festival. After learning that another grave would not be ready until the following day, she agreed to use the unmarked gravesite for her sister so that she might perform the ceremony at her interment.

Stom, Thoren and Zeme returned to the temple of Perasin. They noticed a stranger come in and speak with Khalistov. He later spoke with Stom, stating that his name was Taguchi Sato, and that he was looking for a man named Mace Nighthammer, who might be at the RDI. He returned with them and spoke with Garth. At dinner, Arnje asked how many there were in the group so he could set aside funds for the bridge crossing. When he was told there were fourteen, he became rather distraught, despairing that Laurent would curse the voyage. Simry pointed out that Swiftfoot would make fifteen, but if anything this added to Arnje's despondence.

After the burial was done, the three were accosted by four thugs, who demanded their money. When Meriel refused and attempted to escape, one of the thugs threw a dagger at her, rendering her unconscious. The man holding Fleur slit her throat as Skellion started pelting them with debris from the air. Zebulon incinerated the man with his chromatic orb, and the others fled. Skellion took wing and flew back to the RDI to tell the others. Zebulon tried to aid Fleur, calling out for aid. A voice belonging to Lymello, a friend of Zebulon's father, Montar. Lymello and a second man, Commidas, helped the mage carry his fallen comrades to the nearby temple of the LifeSpirit.

As Swiftfoot nervously prowled the room, Rei suggested that the way to mollify their employer was to either increase or decrease the number of group members before the mission, and that perhaps a visit the temple of Laurent was in order. The group agreed, but realized that Fleur, Meriel and Zebulon weren't at dinner. Kurzik let everyone know of Fleur and the two mages' whereabouts. When Xotz mentioned that the House of Death was on the south side of town, Rei said she'd been warned against going there after dark. The danger of doing so was confirmed by a returning Brianna, so the group split up, with Rei, Brianna and Simry accompanying Arnje to Laurent's temple while the others went to find Fleur.

Zebulon and the two locals brought Fleur and Meriel into the temple, or "mission" as it was known, and the injured were tended by a girl named Akari, who stabilized Fleur before going off to get the master of the mission, a man named Gau, who went on to cast cure light wounds spells on both women. When Fleur did not regain consciousness, Gau suggested they remain at the mission for the night, and Meriel worked on writing a note to let the others know what had happened.

The group going to the mission arrived at the site of the incident, and discovered from a beggar named Spanch that Fleur and Meriel had been taken to Gau's mission. As they left the scene, the group saw Torgo, who picked up the remains of the thug and hauled it away. Upon their arrival at the mission, Kurzik completed Fleur's healing. When Meriel asked how she might repay Gau's kindness, Gau asked if the group might take Akari with them on their travels. Kurzik inquired about the ways of the LifeSpirit, and after some discussion, the group agreed to allow Akari to join them, and then returned to the RDI.

Simry, Rei, Brianna and Arnje arrived at Laurent's temple, and Arnje told the acolyte at the wheel of his concern. After spinning the wheel, he was told that the party's numbers would be increased by, not one, but two before the party left Nazivonema. On their way back, they encountered Molbo riding his yak, having borrowed additional funds for his return. The group discussed possible means for his temple to raise the funds before Molbo departed. When they arrived at the RDI, they received Meriel's note, but decided to wait for the rest to return. While they did, they discussed what types of spells they should prepare for the next day.

Shortly thereafter, the remaining party members returned from the mission, with Fleur left in Meriel's care. Zebulon told the party about the battle as well as their added obligation to bring Akari along. Rei sent a message to Akari to tell her what to prepare for the journey, and also asked to attempt to bring Fleur and Meriel into line with the group. The nature of the second member to join the party was also pondered, and Sloj suggested recruiting someone rather than waiting for providence to bring someone to them.

On the way to Semmarch

The next morning, the party woke up to find Akari waiting for them in the common room. After introductions were made, Fleur thanked Akari for her ministrations the previous night. Akari spoke little, other than to confirm that she considers herself "weird". After being told by Sloj that he didn't want to ride a mule all the way to Semmarch, the party departed. A couple hours into the journey, Zemetreseni noted signs of movement in the tall grass alongside the road. Skellion went up to investigate, and reported seeing something vaguely humanoid-shaped. Upon further investigation, it turned out to be Chad. This greatly angered Rei, who forced him to join the group on their march.

The rest of the day's traveling passed by without incident, and the party made camp on a nearby hillside. As the party settled in for the night, Fleur suggested using journey's orison to aid the party's travel. Rei told her that Ezrick was the only town within the week-long duration of the spell. She also expressed her concerns about Zebulon taking money from Fleur's purse without asking, and warned Fleur not to trust him too much before entering meditation. Kurzik suggested that Fleur cast the spell on one of the spellcasters, so she first approached Meriel, who suggested that the spell should be cast on Akari first. Meanwhile, Brianna continued teaching Skellion how to read and write.

The next morning, Fleur cast her spell on Akari, and the party set off. The day was passed in conversation, but nothing of note occurred. With threatening skies above, the party sought a campsite with shelter overhead, settling on a small stand of oak trees. Akari noted a number of giant bats among the high branches and warned the party not to stray too far from camp, as they would be unlikely to attack a large group. Despite their presence, the party decided to set up camp, and it began to rain fairly heavily. During his watch that night, Stom heard the bats rustling in the trees, and Akari told him they were preparing to hunt. Simry told him to wake Sloj, and shortly thereafter the bats started to cry, which woke Meriel and Skellion. The bats took off, and one of them made a pass back through the grove, apparently hitting something on the way out.

When the next watch came around, Fleur cast drywood to aid with the fire. Thoren went out to circle around the outer edge of the trees, and he spotted a small, irregularly-shaped patch of something warm on the ground. When he returned with the report, Rei questioned why he didn't investigate further, and Thoren said he didn't want to be by himself when he did. Rei then went out herself to check it out with Fleur. Thoren expressed concern about Rei lighting a torch, but she brushed him off, although she found nothing on her search.

The next morning, Meriel discovered that Swiftfoot never returned during the night, and she believed the cat had been carried off by one of the bats. She decided to return to her studies in Nazivonema, and the party packed up and moved on. Kurzik expressed concern that the number of party members was no longer sufficient, and so the group officially included Chad among their number. It was discovered that Akari did not have sufficient rations, and Fleur ran afoul of the tenets of her faith when attempting to give her some. Once the situation was resolved, the party returned to the road. During the afternoon, Skellion spotted a small band of travelers from the sky, but the group passed them with only a brief greeting. The group found a place to camp for the night, and Rei spoke to Akari, discovering that she could cast create water, and intended to speak to Kurzik the next day about telling her to pray for it.

The next morning, Rei cast sacred guardian on Skellion, Fleur cast journey's orison on Zebulon, and the party set off with the intention of reaching Ezrick before sunset. There was a thick fog on the ground, which interfered with Skellion's ability to scout ahead. That was followed by an afternoon rain, which was still falling as the bedraggled party arrived in town. Most of the group entered Eastwood Inn to get out from under the now-thundering skies, but Stom, Xotz, Simry and Skellion headed for the Golden Horseshoe Saloon across the street. After discovering how expensive the inn would be, however, Kurzik and some of the others balked, so Brianna and Fleur went to the general store to see if there might be other accommodations.

At the saloon, Skellion didn't take too kindly to being mistaken for Stom's pet, so he sulked his way back outside. The group at the general store found it closed, so they met Skellion in the street, and they all returned to the saloon. Brianna asked the barkeep, Mick, about lodging, and he mentioned the flophouse down the road. After Skellion got in a bit of trouble for hanging on the swinging doors, they joined the rest of the group back at the inn. Arnje, Brianna, Skellion, Fleur, Akari, Stom and Xotz got rooms, while the rest decided to stay at the flophouse to conserve their funds. They found it open, and, with a bit of difficulty, arranged for accommodations with the matron.

Back at the inn, Brianna expressed her concern regarding the town, noting that they hadn't been too friendly, and arranged for the two of them to take a look around after midnight. Nothing of note happened, however, and the group reunited the next morning. Brianna ran into Emi, an energetic half-Elven girl they'd met briefly the night before, and got some information from her about the town. Fleur spoke with Akari, who told her she was unsure whether she would be leaving town with the group. She then went downstairs, cast journey's orison on Rei, then tried to get some help in communicating with Akari.

Meanwhile, Arnje expressed his displeasure with the party's lack of provisions, and what he perceived as their lollygagging rather than addressing the issue. As the party fell about discussing who had enough funds to pay, Arnje questioned whether they were even a unified group, and eventually decided to leave them to themselves, ending the mission.

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