Celore's Lighthouse

From Ardrana

Celore's Lighthouse is a magnificent magical structure located in the city of Mentemar at the southernmost border of Lastini lands. Situated on the south side of Garra Bay at the end of a short peninsula, it the most powerful lighthouse built to date on Ardrana, allowing sailors to see its oscillating blue-white beacons from twice as far as any other known lighthouse. It was built by the sage Celore who, despite the able assistance of Truena and others in maintaining it, refuses to dwell elsewhere.

The lighthouse is also home to a small shrine to Flujonda, the only one in Mentemar. The shrine is little more than a pair of ever-flowing fountains located just inside the main entrance to the building in a magically lit room. At the back of this room is a staircase, which leads all the way to the top. Just below the room containing the mirrors that project the lighthouse's beacons lies a second room, open to the air on all sides, where Celore spends his time in contemplation. The mirrored light structure lies directly above this room.