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Truena is a Lastini priestess of Vendamatrix from the town of Mentemar. She grew up tending Celore's magical lighthouse. One evening just after sunset as the tower's light had been tended, she had a vision of a bird with a rainbow tail. She told Celore of this vision and he encouraged her to seek out its meaning for her. He told her there was talk of such a creature, and that it was rumored to have great power over weather, but he knew not where it might be found. Convinced this creature had the answer to her vision, Truena took on the mantle of Vendamatrix and is now journeying to find this great symbol of her god's power.

Truena served as navigator and weather watcher on the Faltremar. As such, she encountered a party in search of adventure, and pirates. However, the mission proved fruitless, and she continues her quest.

Truena is a PC played by Shelley Proulx.