From Ardrana

Mentemar is a town in the southern part of Mentoncha, two days' journey south of the capital. It lies in the southernmost lands claimed by the Lastini, and is about two and a half days' distance north of Gascar. It sits along the Shore Road, which is known here as the Calle de Tierrimar. It is situated around the edges of Garra Bay, with two small peninsulas marking its northern and southern limits.

The town lies within the lands controlled by Duquesa Tiburona. Due to its proximity to the southern border, she has commanded that the town be expanded. This has led to the construction of a harbor on the west side of the bay with the capacity for three large merchant ships, as well as the opening of several new businesses on the peninsulas and the construction of paved roads and walkways along the shore, connecting to the Calle de Tierrimar.

Mentemar is known all around the Golden Ocean for its magical lighthouse, which was designed by the great sage Celore. The town is served by a ferry that runs along the shore, then across the bay from the lighthouse to Haciela, a small inn near the guard post at the tip of the northern peninsula.

Recently, the town was chosen as the site for a temple of Mastepha dedicated to marine science, which is currently under construction. An artificial island, on which the temple is to be built, was completed a short while ago.