Claude du Tommard

From Ardrana

Claude du Tommard was the last of the line of hereditary Barons of Tommard, though he himself never saw that city after its defeat.

Claude escaped the city's destruction by orcs after the death of his father. For many years, he wandered the northern Lanad, living off what little of his family's treasury he could carry. Eventually, he made his way to the Vorilon River, where he traveled south and found himself in Semmarch.

Now in his forties, Claude finally decided it was time to try and restore his family's lands. He began training to become an adventurer, but due to his advanced age he found that most parties were wary of his skills. Finally, he met Beauregard, who was looking for anyone willing to join him on an intelligence operation to the city of Vanzeel. Claude did not survive the mission, and upon his death named Beau his heir for his kindness.