Spying on Vanzeel

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This adventure began with Beau being hired by Kent Mydland to get information about forces being massed in the town of Vanzeel, just across the border in Arin. It was during this mission that Baron Claude du Tommard was killed, and made Beau his heir, making him the rightful ruler of Tommard.

While in Vanzeel, Beau posed as the manager of Groth, a member of the White Army who was skilled in boxing. Beau staged fights between Groth and various people in the city, including a Grazhnakh who finally defeated him. Between these fights, Beau and his allies gathered information regarding the movements of Morjec's forces in the region. Most of the group was able to make it out and bring the information back to Semmarch.

The following characters were involved in this adventure at one time or another:

...along with others I'm forgetting, including a boatload of NPC's.

Adventure timeline

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The Arek Massacre Spying on Vanzeel Liberating Tommard