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Beauregard, or often simply "Beau", is a Human fighter originally from the city of Warshick. He is the current Baron of Tommard, a title he inherited from the former Baron, Claude du Tommard, when he died while adventuring with Beau several years ago

Early life

Beau came to adventuring later than most. He grew up in Warshick, and married Tamra when he was just 16. The two had three daughters, Tarsha, Talandra, and Trina. When Trina was still an infant, the farm on which he was working was devastated by a flood, and Beau decided to become an adventurer in order to earn money.

To Semmarch

Beau journeyed to the city of Semmarch, where he met the party led by Mello Yellow. He went on several adventures with them, but knew he needed more money, so he briefly joined the White Army. He discovered he had little tolerance for being a soldier, so he talked the local base commander, Kent Mydland, into allowing him to lead a group on a mission into Arin.

A fateful meeting

The group he led in was a mixture of soldiers and local recruits. The soldiers were led by a young woman named Tilton who was not particularly fond of Beau. The recruits were led by Claude du Tommard, who had quite the opposite opinion. While the group was able to get some good intelligence, Tommard was killed. With his dying breath, he presented Beau with a packet containing documents that gave him title to the land of Tommard.

The inheritance

Beau learned that Tommard was now home mainly to a population of orcs, including a small cadre of Grazhnakh, which had forced out Claude's father. Beau vowed to rid the land of this infestation, so he took his adventuring companions -- Mello Yellow, Acrobat, Bettram, Leanderhood, Rad, and a number of others -- north with him to do so. They eventually succeeded, and Beau officially became Baron.

Tragedy strikes

While Beau was away on this quest, he had left his family behind in their home on the outskirts of Warshick. Unfortunately, the area was attacked by a roving pack of wolves, and Tamra, Talandra and Trina perished. Only Tarsha escaped, and she has since sworn vengeance upon her father for abandoning them. She has since come to the north herself, and has roused up the locals to call for his ouster. At one point, she lured Beau and several companions to a cavern and trapped them there, but they escaped, only to find that the city had been besieged by a band of ogres, whom they finally drove off.

Personal info

These days, Baron Beauregard is often found sitting alone in his castle, despondent, to the point where some of his own friends wonder at his state of mind. He speaks only to his closest friends -- Mello Yellow; Black, his personal bodyguard; and Oberon, the captain of the city guard.

Beau was originally a PC played by Mike Proulx, and is now an NPC.